Why Should I Learn Reiki?

Reiki level 1 workshop

Have you ever wanted to help others in a unique way?

Are there times when a friend or family member is hurt and you wish you could do more for them?

Reiki provides a means for you to assist with healing of those around you just by placing your hands on them.  The client often feels a relaxing energy emanating from your hands. Clients generally feel better, more energised and focused following a reiki session.

Reiki Level 1 attunes you to this wonderful healing energy.  It is the first step to become a certified Reiki Practitioner.


What is Reiki?Reiki Symbol

Tera-Mai Reiki is a hands on healing therapy. It promotes the body to heal and uses a universal energy. We all have access to this energy, which is all around us.  During a session the practitioner directs the energy. The energy does not flow from the practitioner. It connects to the other types of energy in the body such as the electrical signals from the nodes in your body, through the organs and all the way to the skin.  Reiki can also go to the emotional layer and deeper.


Benefits of Reiki

  • Assist with healing an illness or injury
  • Better sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Energy Boost
  • Increase energy and energy balancing
  • Mindfulness and well – being


A Reiki practitioner cannot diagnose illness or prescribe medications.  Reiki is a complementary therapy and should never replace medical advice


What will I learn


During the Reiki Level 1 course you will learn,

  • Heal yourself and others
  • How to ground and protect yourself before and after a healing
  • importance of personal energy management, self care and well being while giving Reiki
  • Explanation of the energetic systems of the body including the aura, chakras and endocrine system


What will I receive?


  • Reiki level One attunement, a spiritual initiation that will open the energy channels in your body to channel Universal Life force energy.
  • A Reiki Level One manual
  • Reiki Level One Certificate
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Reiki share organised six weeks after the attunement weekend. The Reiki share will allow students to give feedback, questions answered, review of techniques used to give and receive Reiki treatments



How to Proceed

Normal Price €175

Early bird €155

Contact info@rising.ie  to book your place

See schedule of upcoming workshops


Workshop numbers are limited to maintain a high student teacher interface and to support quality feedback. Opportunity to meet like-minded people/make new friends. The cost of a Reiki course is €175. A deposit of €50 secures a place on the course. The balance paid on the day of the course. For more info and booking please Phone Rodney Mullen, Reiki Master, Seichem Master on 086 847 4593 or e-mail: info@rising.ie