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Managing the Morning Energy Dip

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After a nights sleep we are awoken either by the alarm clock, kids, dog/cat jumping on us wanting to be let out. We are groggy, half a wake and a full day possibly of work or school to get ready for. This is completely natural, our bodies have just been in rest mode and needs time to wake up for the day ahead. But what is going on?

Our bodies have an energy field or an energy flow, which surrounds us and circulates energy throughout our bodies. In the morning this flow is low and needs time to awaken. If it was full stream, then we would never get to sleep and our bodies would not gain the much needed rest. This energy flow gradually grows and also contracts during the day like the tides of the sea. It all depends on our activities. Exercise can of course increase our energy flow but too much can cause the flow to contract. In the morning the energy flow is just growing.

Most of us do not have time for this energy flow to awaken, we need to be awake now, we need to go at full speed in the present moment and end up turning to stimulants such as coffee. We rely on these stimulants to wake up, diminishing our capacity of a natural energy flow.

But how can we awaken without needing a stimulant and still be able to meet our day head on? The answer is we allow our energy flow to build naturally using techniques to allow the energy to build at a faster yet healthy pace.

The energy field will replenish on its own from food intake and topped up through our energy centres.

  • While energy flow is down, do not push against it, do not try to do more then you can.
  • Identify how much you comfortably can do, take your time and hold the line.
  • Relax and allow your energy flow to replenish, it will on its own.
  • When you have an up curve of energy, slowly press against what you can do, do not rush.

Your energy flow will gradually get better and your mornings will be easier to the point you will awaken, your body will be primed for the day ahead.

If your energy is slow building and remains low then, you should consult a GP as something else could be going on.

Your energy flow is the capacity of how much you can do in a day, in the mornings take it easy, allow your energy flow to build and then gently push against it when you feel you can do more. This will considerably improve your morning energy dip.

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