Emotions and their effects on Energy

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The body is such a wonderful piece of technology. Everything works together, harmoniously bringing movement, ability and life.  The mouth / nostrils open to bring air down the trachea and into the lungs were the oxygen is extracted and brought around the body through blood, allowing function.   This sequence, along it many others of the body can be impeded through damage and so we go to a doctor to seek repair or other medications for ailments we have seen before.

But what happens when things do not work harmoniously and there does not appear to be any physical damage. Our energy is impacted for what seems to be no reason.  It is at these moments we forget about the wonderful harmonious body we have and that everything works in concert with each other from our physical bodies to the emotional bodies and spiritual.

Energy can be clogged up through any physical ailments but also by emotional upsets. Emotions are the life blood of our being, yet we sometimes ignore their importance.  Emotional clogs can also occur from physical ailments or shocks and lay unresolved long after the event and physical has been repaired.

So what are we do to about this?

First task is to identify it, ensure any physical ailments are repaired or under way.   Emotional upsets can be found if you feel out the issue and notice your emotions.   Are you cringing, frightened, shocked, saddened?   Once you know an emotional upset is at play, you need to take time to understand it, feel It out.   These feelings may be very deep or too much to handle.  In such cases it might be wise to consider the assistance of a professional.  There should be no shame in going to a mental health professional as such treatments can be seen as taboo.  They are just Doctors for our minds and emotions.

If you are able to feel it out on your own, then begin to understand and then resolve, either through your actions, words or thoughts. Sometimes a period of mourning is required.      You may eventually start to feel energy return and the ailment beginning to fully heal.

Energy therapy can help here to root out and the acceptance through to healing, but the main focus should be on understanding that emotional upsets can cause energy to drop and we should be all mindful of this and to keep an eye out.



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